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Next week: 5 steps to becoming a champion at EWEA 2014

March 5, 2014 EWPA's blog - Tuul

“A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning. A true champion is someone who wants to make a difference and who never gives up,” Felix Losada, Deputy Head of Corporate Communications at Nordex. How to become a champion? With EWEA 2014 taking place in the same week as the UEFA Champions League match FC Barcelona vs. Manchester City – everyone in the world of wind power and football is thinking, how can I be a champion in Barcelona? Read more »

December 20, 2013 EWPA's blog - Krista

Coming: first Estonian Offshore Wind Energy Conference

October 14, 2013 EWPA's blog - etea

Baltic Sea with its strong winds, but still a relatively mild environment makes the region both technically and economically but also environmentally favourable for wind energy production.

However to realize this potential we need national strategies, clear legislation, maritime spatial planning and cooperation between countries.

These topics will be discussed by 15 top experts at the first Estonian Offshore Wind Energy Conference, organized by the Estonian Wind Power Cluster.

Read more and see you on the 29th and 30th of October, 2013 in Hiiumaa!


Microgeneration: The great potential of small scale energy generation

September 20, 2013 EWPA's blog - Tuuleenergia

The great potential of small scale electricity and heat generation and the actions that need to be taken were the key issues raised in a motion for a resolution adopted by the Parliament on Thursday. Read more »

Eesti Energia and Nelja Energia open new wind farm in Paldiski

August 13, 2013 EWPA's blog - etea

Two Estonian energy companies – Eesti Energia and Nelja Energia – opened jointly a new wind farm at the northern end of Pakri peninsula today. A total of 18 new turbines rated at 2.5 MW were erected on the peninsula. Nine are owned by Eesti Energia and nine by Nelja Energia. Read more »

Estonian companies developing new ice resistant wind turbine foundation

July 4, 2013 EWPA's blog - Tuuleenergia

A pilot project for a new product of the Estonian wind power cluster – an offshore wind turbine foundation resistant to the ice conditions of the Baltic Sea – was discussed this week at a meeting between Mark Berman, chairman of the supervisory board of BLRT Group, and Martin Kruus, CEO of Nelja Energia and head of the Estonian Wind Power Association. Read more »

Estonia celebrated Global Wind Day

June 27, 2013 EWPA's blog - Tuuleenergia

2013 is the Year of Cultural Heritage in Estonia. Culture concerns each of us in one way or another and is worthy of appreciation and preservation. Since wind has been part of our ancestors’ and also today’s life and work, the Estonian Wind Power Association dedicated this years’ Global Wind Day to wind stories – both their revitalization and renewal. Read more »

Want to work in wind?

May 10, 2013 EWPA's blog - Tuuleenergia

Wind Directions, April 2013

Wind energy employers are looking for project managers, sales managers and engineers above all. As most Wind Directions readers know from experience, the wind industry cre­ates jobs. Currently, around 240,000 peo­ple in Europe work in wind energy, directly or indirectly, and the number is growing, with over half a million jobs expected by 2020. But while it’s good to know that despite the crisis, ‘wind is hiring’, what specifically do you need on your CV to make the CEOs sit up? Greenfish, a specialist environmen­tal recruitment agency, researched the 10 most wanted profiles in the wind industry.

Read more »

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