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Planned wind turbine in Muhu Island may interfere with defense radar

Estonian news - eteap May 17, 2013

Baltic News Service, 17.05.2013

The governor of Estonia’s Saare County has returned to the Muhu municipal authorities for amendment a detailed plan for a wind generator in Voikula which in its present form may interfere with the defense forces’ air surveillance radar in Muhu Island, the regional newspaper Saarte Haal says.

In county governor Kaido Kaasik’s opinion the existing agreements between the Defense Ministry and the Sonajalg brothers who are planning the wind turbine are not sufficient to secure problem-free operation of the radar and defense interest. The Defense Ministry okayed the detailed plan for the wind generator in 2010 on the condition that the developer obtain endorsement of the construction plan as well.

The Sonajalgs also have promised that if malfunctions occur they will bear the cost of putting things right. The Defense Ministry said the wind energy developers are aware of potential risks and are proceeding with the project at their own risk, Saarte Haal said.

The county governor however took the view that the agreements between the ministry and the developers do not sufficiently secure the interests of the state and guarantee uninterrupted operation of the radar in the future, because the effect of the generator on the radar system may appear only after the turbine goes into operation.

In the county governor’s view the developer and the Defense Ministry ought to conclude prior to the adoption of the detailed plan an agreement setting out the parties’ rights and obligations in implementing the plan and ensuring the operation of the radar. The detailed plan also should give an overview of the measures to be taken to secure the functioning of the radar.


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