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EWPA's blog - eteap May 10, 2013

Wind Directions, April 2013

Wind energy employers are looking for project managers, sales managers and engineers above all. As most Wind Directions readers know from experience, the wind industry cre­ates jobs. Currently, around 240,000 peo­ple in Europe work in wind energy, directly or indirectly, and the number is growing, with over half a million jobs expected by 2020. But while it’s good to know that despite the crisis, ‘wind is hiring’, what specifically do you need on your CV to make the CEOs sit up? Greenfish, a specialist environmen­tal recruitment agency, researched the 10 most wanted profiles in the wind industry.

“In the past few years, we have seen a growing interest in jobs in renewables and wind energy in particular,” explains Lizhen Xu, Senior Project Manager at Greenfish. “But the skills gap and acute shortage of engineers make it difficult for companies to have projects implemented on time and budget.

“The most wanted profiles are based on three sources: responses to an EWEA member survey, a review of vacancies online, and Greenfish’s internal data”, says Xu.

The results were presented at the “Careers Day” held at EWEA 2013, but for those who couldn’t attend, Wind Directions brings you the details.

1. Senior project manager for offshore

What is the role? Manages the team’s resources, controls budgets and reviews the terms and condi­tions of consultancy agreements.

What do employers want? At least five years’ experience in wind or an offshore sector. Stress-resistant and good decision-making, planning, organisational and communication skills. Willingness to travel.

2. Experienced project manager for off­shore cables

What is the role? Ensures the implementation of cables-re­lated projects. Responsible for the team’s output, ensuring it is high quality, on time and on budget.

What do employers want? Knowledge of submarine and land cable system design, procurement and installa­tion. Experience with construction con­tracts and team leadership.

3. Sales and account manager

What is the role? Responsible for sales and development of key accounts. Can involve managing wind farm projects from initial steps to construc­tion permitting.

What do employers want? Technical expertise and market knowledge. Client-minded, business and relational intelligence. Ten to 15 years in a sales environment, preferably in wind sector. Multilingual; ready to travel.

4. Project and offshore wind installation engineers

What is the role? Responsible for getting offshore turbines installed, for the team’s work schedule and checking engineering work. Provides engineering technical support.

What do employers want? Degree in engineering or naval architec­ture; five years’ experience in marine, subsea construction and/or offshore wind installation. Familiarity with offshore transportation and installation rules, and relevant software.

5. Production system engineer

What is the role? Designs and studies the manufactur­ing process to reduce labour cost and increase effi ciency of process.

What do employers want? Manufacturing or mechanical engineering de­gree; four to seven years in industrial opera­tions management with a large international, technological or industrial organisation.

6. Production manager – wind turbine blades

What is the role? In charge of blade manufacturing. Ensures quality and safety in production operations.

What do employers want? Background in manufacturing and op­erations with supervisory experience, at least eight years’ directly related experi­ence – previous work with wind turbines preferred.

7. Control engineer – wind turbine components

What is the role? Designs control engineering parts/compo­nents for wind turbines. Improves existing control engineering equipment. Takes new designs to certification.

What do employers want? Degree in electrical engineering. Five years in turbine control engineering and designing control engineering equipment. Fluency in English and German.

8. Onshore wind farm development engineer

What is the role? Assesses technical viability of wind pro­jects, plans project stages and manages the implementing team of engineers.

What do employers want? Experience in civil engineering; an appro­priate degree. Good communication skills; if possible understanding of specialist software.

9. Offshore site manager

What is the role? Guarantees compliance with site specifi c arrangements to ensure safety manage­ment. Plans and coordinates site person-nel and resources, carrying out installa­tion, maintenance and service tasks.

What do employers want? A successful track record working as supervisor or manager in an international environment with customer and opera­tional focus. Fluent English.

10. Environmental coordinator

What is the role? Ensures that site specifi c arrangements are in place to mitigate environmental risks. Supervises and coaches the opera­tional teams in implementing the environ­mental requirements.

What do employers want? An engineering degree and seven to ten years’ experience in environmental man­agement systems. Project management skills and a hands-on attitude. Ability to motivate.

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