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Estonia celebrated Global Wind Day

EWPA's blog - eteap June 27, 2013

2013 is the Year of Cultural Heritage in Estonia. Culture concerns each of us in one way or another and is worthy of appreciation and preservation. Since wind has been part of our ancestors’ and also today’s life and work, the Estonian Wind Power Association dedicated this years’ Global Wind Day to wind stories – both their revitalization and renewal.

In cooperation with Estonian Folklore Archives we hunted down old sayings about wind and were surprised how many there are. Some also quite funny ones. For example in 1940, it was believed in Aruküla (North Estonia) that when there is no wind and the wind mill stops working, children should run around the mill with a broom between their legs.

To collect the contemporary stories two journalists from an environmental portal went on a bike tour to Western Estonia and its biggest island – Saaremaa. During 12 days the writers visited different types of wind turbines – big and modern but also small and vintage. Between different wind farms and when the bikers were not facing wind 20 meters per second they were also interviewing locals about wind folklore and how they see wind today. “In the old days wind was miller’s servant, nowadays it’s the daily bread of power engineers,” was for example said in Kärla Parish in Saaremaa.

The stories and sayings of wind that are spoken today will be added to Estonian Folklore Archives so that the future generations can explore the energy wind had in the beginning of the 21st century.    


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