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Renewable energy fee to drop 11.5 pct in 2014

Estonian news - eteap November 28, 2013

Baltic News Service, 28.11.2013

The Estonian electricity system operator Elering confirmed next year’s energy fee for consumers at 0.77 cents per kilowatt-hour which is 11.5 percent less than in 2013.

The renewable energy fee for next year is substantially influenced by the fact that the subsidies paid out in 2013, especially for wind power stations, were considerably smaller than expected as a result of poor wind conditions, Elering said.

According to the forecast the sum total of electricity produced from renewable sources and in an effective cogeneration regime will be

1,459 gigawatt-hours in 2014. This means that 73.3 million euros must be paid in subsidies.

The proportion of wind energy among subsidized energy will be 41 percent, of energy produced in plants operating on biomass 31 percent and of energy produced in plants using waste or biogas to produce electricity 12 percent. The remaining 16 percent of subsidized energy will be produced in an efficient cogeneration regime.

Through the renewable energy fee consumers finance the subsidy paid to producers of renewable energy and the fee is paid by all consumers in accordance with the volume of network service used by them, with Elering acting as the payment agency.

According to calculations by Elering, the renewable energy fee for consumers this year is 0.87 cents per kilowatt-hour, 10 percent less than in 2012.


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