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Wind energy accounted for 41.7% of Estonia’s total renewable energy production in 2016

EWPA's blog - eteap January 23, 2017

20160909_115351Wind energy accounted for 41.7 percent of total renewable energy production and wind farms produced 589 GWh of electric energy in Estonia during 2016, 15 percent less than in 2015. Unlike in 2015, the 600 GWh cap set for the amount of wind energy eligible for subsidization per year was not achieved last year, the transmission system operator Elering said on Monday.

Renewable energy produced during the year equaled 15.1% of the total amount of electric energy consumed in Estonia, compared with 16.7% in 2015. Estonia has set the goal to bring the share of renewable energy in total consumption to 17.6% by 2020.

In total, 1,412 GWh of electric energy was produced from renewable sources in Estonia during 2016, six percent less than in 2015. The amount of renewable energy on which support was paid in 2016 declined by 4 percent year over year to 1,203 GWh. The total amount of subsidy paid for renewable energy and high-efficiency cogeneration was 69 million euros in 2015, which decreased by three million mainly because of less production in wind farms.

The biggest increase was registered in solar energy, where output doubled to almost 3 GWh. The subsidy for solar energy production surged to over 149,000 euros. The number of owners of solar panels increased by over 200 during the year to 700.

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