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Estonian association: State not interested in holding dialogue re wind farms

Estonian news - eteap August 1, 2017

Baltic News Service. 1st of August, 2017

According to the Wind Technology Association, a non-profit linked to the Sonajalg family, the Estonian state does not want to hold a dialogue nor reach an agreement regarding developing East-Viru County’s wind farms.

“The Wind Technology Association expresses its resentfulness in connection with the answers of the minister of economic affairs and infrastructure and the Ministry of Defense in connection with hindering the development of East-Viru County wind farms because the ministries did not even provide real answers to the questions we asked,” the organization said.

The association sent an address to the prime minister on Monday, according to which the working group set up to solve the problem of East-Viru County wind farms only seemingly includes developers. “The last meeting took place last year and after that the developers — who are also ready to support purchasing defense equipment to solve problems — have not been included in meetings,” it is written in the statement.

“Entrepreneurs have taken on large monetary commitments, have met the goals set in the national plan and other plans, regarding which there is approval of the Ministry of Defense, but by today the development of several wind farms that have been previously agreed upon has been stopped with force. It is also worrying that attitudes toward entrepreneurs is very different — the state-owned Eesti Energia is favored, while the others are being blocked at every step,” a member of the association’s board Jaanus Tehver said.

In June the association said that if the state cannot reach a compromise regarding building new wind farms in East-Viru County, the association wants the state to compensate for the investments that have already been made and the revenue entrepreneurs will not get in the total amount of 1.16 billion euros.

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