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Eleon eyeing wind turbine with over 10 MW capacity

Estonian news - eteap September 12, 2017

Baltic News Service. 12th of September, 2017

The Estonian wind technology company AS Eleon is about to develop a wind turbine with a capacity in excess of 10 megawatts with international partners under a project costing 38 million euros.

“An international consortium has filed an application with the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 measure to develop a Mammout 10+MW onshore and offshore wind turbine. The total cost of the project is approximately 38 million euros. In case of a positive financing decision, development of the turbine will be carried out by the international consortium and subcontractors in 2018-2022,” Jonatan Karjus, spokesman for AS Eleon and Meta Advisory Group, told BNS.

The Aalto and Tampere universities of Finland and Rostock University of Germany are connected with the project, according to Karjus. Companies that have partnered up to form the consortium include Windnovation Energineering Solutions GmbH, Windrad Engineering GmbH and P.E. Concepts GmbH from Germany. Of Estonian companies Eleon AS, Civitta Eesti AS and Meta Advisory Group OU are involved in the project.

The project is based on Eleon’s patent for a direct-drive wind turbine that is protected in 150 countries. “A three-megawatt prototype wind turbine developed by Eleon and operating in Saaremaa has proved itself technologically and created a basis of trust, which is demonstrated also by the strong network of international partners that wish to take part in this project,” Karjus said.

The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness of environment-friendly wind energywith other kinds of energy by increasing the cost-effectiveness and reliability of wind turbines.

Estonia’s Minister of Entrepreneurship and IT Urve Palo said in her letter to AS Eleon Board Member Andres Sonajalg that the ministry supports the project by taking part in discussions, offering feedback and providing necessary information, but is not taking part in the project financially.

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