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Supervisory board of Estonia’s Eesti Energia authorizes board to bid in Tootsi auction

Estonian news - eteap October 18, 2017

Baltic News Service. 18th of October, 2017

The supervisory board of the Estonian state-owned energy company Eesti Energia on Wednesday decided to grant its permission to the board to take part in the public auction for the properties at Tootsi in Parnu County.

“A mandate was given to the board at the meeting to take part in the public auction for the Tootsi wind part property,” chairman of the supervisory board Vaino Kaldoja told BNS on Wednesday.

Eesti Energia announced on Monday that it wishes to go on with the wind farm project. “The auction will be won by the company which has the best business plan for utilizing the area of Tootsi Bog. At Eesti Energia we see the Tootsi land area as offering good prospects and have been engaged in its development already since 2011,” Eesti Energia board member Margus Vals said in a press release. He added that the auction offers equal conditions to all parties.

The supervisory board of the state forest management company RMK has decided to put the properties at Tootsi in southwestern Estonia earmarked for the construction a large wind farm up for sale with a starting price of 12.3 million euros. The public auction will take place at RMK offices at Toompuiestee 24, Tallinn at 2 p.m. on Nov. 8. The starting price of the property in the oral auction is 12.3 million euros.

The Tootsi wind farm property is situated on 160 hectares in the territory of the Vandra rural municipality in Parnu County. It consists of 40 cadastral units 38 of which have been designated for wind turbines and two for wind measuring towers.

RMK is selling the properties on the basis of a decision of the government from April 27 to hold a public auction for the Tootsi property.

The government in April declared invalid a decision to allocate the Tootsi land properties to the state owned energy company Eesti Energia for establishing a wind farm and decided to hold an auction for the land.

Previously, the government on Dec. 8, 2016 endorsed a decision to increase the share capital of Eesti Energia and hand over to the company the Tootsi plot then valued at 4.1 million euros as a noncash consideration.

The state owned energy company was planning to build a wind farm worth several hundred million euros and with an output of around 150 megawatts on the plot by 2020, which according to the Estonian Wind Technology Association would make up 54 percent of the whole capacity of wind farms planned to be erected in Estonia.

A number of Estonian businesses operating in the field of renewable energy have sued the government over the decision to hand over the Tootsi wind farm plot to the state-owned Eesti Energia. According to the private businesses, handing over a valuable plot to a state-owned company without an auction jeopardizes free competition and other businesses operating on the market.

According to the government coalition agreement signed in November 2016, the government is planning to list 49 percent of the shares in the Eesti Energia renewable energy subsidiary Enefit Taastuvenergia, which would include wind, hydro and other types of renewable energy.

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