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The Government approved the Estonian Energy Development Plan until 2030

EWPA's blog - eteap October 26, 2017

The Estonian Government has confirmed the Estonian Energy Development Plan until 2030 (ENMAK), that sees that by 2030 the share of renewable energy accounts for 50% of final consumption of domestic electricity and 80% of the heat generated in Estonia. Wind and biomass are the biggest resources of renewables in Estonia. To achieve the targets of the plan also offshore wind power has to deployed. 

The new development plan will replace the existing state energy development plan until 2020, which was approved in 2009.

Major objectives of ENMAK by 2030:

  • A working, independent, subsidy-free and open fuel and electricity market
  • Electricity production capacity in Estonia is higher than consumption
  • The Estonian electricity system is synchronised with the European Union frequency bands
  • The share of renewable energy increases and accounts for 50% of final energy consumption
  • Renewable energy generation works without subsidies and achieves 50% of final consumption of domestic electricity
  • District heating is preserved in areas where it is sustainable and capable of delivering energy-efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions to consumers
  • 80% of the heat generated in Estonia is produced from renewable energy sources
  • There is a decrease in market concentration in the gas market
  • The average total yearly time of power cuts in a distribution network does not exceed 90 minutes per place of consumption
  • The energy efficiency of buildings has been increased through reconstruction
  • New buildings correspond to the value of the energy efficiency of the near-zero energy building
  • The fuel consumption of vehicles does not increase and the share of renewable fuel increases.


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