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Eesti Energia would be ready to continue building out Tootsi wind farm

Estonian news - eteap February 27, 2018

Baltic News Service. 27th of February, 2018

CEO of the state-owned energy company Eesti Energia, Hando Sutter, said that Eesti Energia is prepared to continue building out the Tootsi wind farm in southwestern Estonia if the company wins the auction.

“The auction for the land of the Tootsi wind farm has been contested in court, we hope that the auction will happen. Should Eesti Energia manage to win it, we are prepared to continue building the wind farm,” Sutter told journalists on Tuesday.

“We have done a lot of work with the project — the technology tender has been carried out, the construction of the connection point is nearing the end. It should have been gone forward with quickly, the depleted peat bog would have gained the largest wind farm in Estonia,” Sutter said.

The Tallinn administrative court at the beginning of November started handling the complaints of Eleon AS, Raisner AS and Tootsi Tuulepark OU to declare invalid the decision of the state forest management company RMK to put the land plots designated for a large wind farm at Tootsi in southwestern Estonia up for auction, the complaints were joined and preliminary legal protection was granted, which will forbid the transfer of the immovable.

The supervisory board of the state forest management company RMK, the government designated owner of the Tootsi properties, decided to put the land up for sale with a starting price of 12.3 million euros. The public auction was to take place at RMK offices at Toompuiestee 24, Tallinn at 2 p.m. on Nov. 8.

The Tootsi wind farm property is situated on 160 hectares in the territory of the Vandra rural municipality in Parnu County. It consists of 40 cadastral units 38 of which have been designated for wind turbines and two for wind measuring towers.

According to the government coalition agreement signed in November 2016, the government is planning to list 49 percent of the shares in the Eesti Energia renewable energy subsidiary Enefit Green, which would include wind, hydro and other types of renewable energy. Prior to that, a public auction concerning the plot of land of the Tootsi wind farm property in question would be carried out.

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