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Estonian ministry to start consultations on energy, climate plan

Estonian news - eteap October 9, 2018

Baltic News Service. 9th of October, 2018

The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of the Environment are about to start consultations with businesses and interest group on the national energy and climate plan, which sets out the vision of having renewable energy account for 42 percent of the country’s total energy consumption by 2030.

Ando Leppiman, deputy secretary general for energy at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, said that contributions to the use of renewable energy come from three fields: production of heat, production of electricity, and transport. The share of renewable energy should be 30 percent in the production of electricity and 14 percent in transport by 2030, the ministry said.

Leppiman added that if the production of renewable electricity could be financed via the support schemes of other EU member states through trading in renewable energy output, the share of renewable electricity could also hit 50 percent.

To achieve thermal energy production targets, the state will contribute primarily to developing energy-effective buildings, electric power plants using biomass in the production of electricity, wind energy and solar panels, use of biomethane, the bio-component in diesel and gasoline, and spread of electric transport.

By 2030, Europe must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent compared with 2005.

The targets of reduction are divided differently among the member states considering different aspects. For instance, Estonia must reduce the creation of greenhouse gases in transport, agriculture, waste management, industrial processes and small-scale energy production, or sectors outside the so-called European Union greenhouse gas emissions trading system by 13 percent compared with 2005.

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