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The Estonian Wind Power Association (EWPA) appoints new CEO

EWPA's blog - Tuul April 24, 2019


Since 22nd of April, Anu Eslas has been appointed as a new CEO of the Estonian Wind Power Association. She has worked last 8 years for the Estonian Defense Industry Association, most recently as Head of International Relations and Co-operation, but also as Defence and Security Cluster Manager, interim CEO and Chairman of the Board.

According to Anu Eslas, the new CEO of the wind energy association, she wants to stop the conflict between developers and nature protection, national defence and local communities and find ways to build trust and ways to cooperate. “From my previous job I learned how to unite different stake holders for a common goal. The aim is to find ways to cooperate and achieve results that would allow wind energy to grow at a much faster pace in Estonia, ”said Eslas.

According to Aavo Kärmas, Chairman of the Wind Power Association’s Board, the goal is to stand up for Estonia to produce wind power and build new wind farms. By 2030 1800MW of wind farms should be added to Estonia. This ambitious plan requires coordinated action by wind power park developers and active co-operation with responsible actors in different areas of the country. Anu Eslas has good preparation for both tasks” commented Kärmas.

Tuuliki Kasonen, who has been leading the wind power association for nearly ten years, is leaving the association on her own initiative and will move into private business from the beginning of May.

The Estonian Wind Power Association is a professional association founded in 2001 with 22 domestic and international companies, which own nearly 95% or 293.5 MW of the total installed capacity of Estonian wind turbines (310 MW).

The mission of the EWPA is to create the conditions for the development of wind power and its technology that ensure the maintenance of a clean living environment through the competitiveness of the sector and the wider use of renewable energy.

Additional information:
Anu Eslas
CEO of the Estonian Wind Power Association
Tel: +372 53 903 299
E-mail: anu@tuuleenergia.ee

Aavo Kärmas
Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Wind Power Association
Tel: +372 51 039 33

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