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2020, 15. June: Enefit Green boosts output of renewable energy 15 pct on year
2020, 04. June: Estonia: Climate committee decides to continue development of Baltic Sea energy network
2020, 03. June: Parnu proposes to initiate designated spatial plan for Paikuse wind farm
2020, 02. June: State to start screening impact of foreign investments on Estonia’s economic security
2020, 01. June: Estonian minister: Long-term goals must be kept in mind exiting the crisis
2020, 01. June: Estonia: Enefit Green’s renewable electricity production up 44 pct on year in April
2020, 01. June: Estonian govt rules in favor of opening superficies license procedure for Saare wind farm
2020, 11. May: Broad alliance of European countries calls for an EU industrial policy for renewables
2020, 07. May: WindEurope Sofa Talks: Exploiting the potential of the Baltic Sea
2020, 07. May: The Estonian Wind Power Association Appoints a New CEO
2019, 22. April: Estonian court leaves outcome of Tootsi wind farm properties’ auction in force
2019, 20. April: Estonian police impose prohibition on stay to stop construction work at Aidu wind farm
2019, 12. April: Circuit court does not satisfy complaint by Sonajalg brothers re Tootsi property
2019, 04. April: Estonian govt terminates development of Saaremaa offshore wind farm
2019, 28. March: Sonajalg brothers start building wind turbines under old building permit
2019, 18. March: Eesti Energia gets almost half of Estonian renewable energy subsidy in February
2019, 18. February: Estonian Renewable Energy Association: Growth of share of green energy is modest
2019, 15. January: Eesti Energia tops list of recipients of renewable energy subsidy in 2018
2018, 10. December: Estonian court doesn’t halt merger of Eesti Energia, Nelja Energia
2018, 29. November: Enefit Green: Half of Estonia’s energy production to be green by 2030
2018, 16. November: Estonia: Administrative court does not annul auction of Tootsi wind farm land
2018, 15. November: Eesti Energia says Nelja Energia purchase has been thoroughly analyzed
2018, 15. November: Oleg Ossinovski’s complaint halts purchase of Nelja Energia
2018, 07. November: Estonian competition watchdog grants Enefit Green permission to buy Nelja Energia
2018, 31. October: Estonian competition watchdog has week to decide over Eesti Energia, Nelja Energia merger
2018, 30. October: Listing of Enefit Green dependent on purchase of Nelja Energia
2018, 30. October: Estonia: Nelja Energia Q3 profit grows to nearly EUR 1.5 mln
2018, 17. October: Renewable energy production up 1/5 on year in Q3
2018, 09. October: Dispute on Aidu wind farm permits to continue in top court
2018, 09. October: Estonian ministry to start consultations on energy, climate plan
2018, 07. September: S&P changes outlook on Eesti Energia rating to negative
2018, 04. September: Estonian minister: Development of Aidu wind farm can’t go on legally
2018, 16. August: Mihkel Annus elected chairman of Estonian Renewable Energy Association
2018, 08. August: Estonia’s top court revokes Hiiumaa wind farms plan
2018, 07. August: Nelja Energia: Latvian renewable subsidies have failed to develop sector
2018, 07. August: Lithuanian watchdog okays merger of Nelja Energia, Eesti Energia renewable energy arm
2018, 01. August: Renewable energy accounted for 17.2 pct of Estonia's electricity consumption in Q2
2018, 31. July: Estonian DefMin: Illegal construction at Aidu wind farm must be stopped
2018, 27. July: H1 net profit of Estonia’s Nelja Energia falls to EUR 3.6 mln
2018, 19. July: Estonian ministry says developer building wind farm without permission
2018, 17. July: Estonian competition watchdog takes extra time for approving Nelja Energia transaction
2018, 11. July: Latvian competition watchdog approves takeover of Nelja Energia by Estonia’s Enefit Green
2018, 11. July: Lithuania: Eesti Energia asks permission to acquire Nelja Energia
2018, 08. June: Eesti Energia asks permission from Competition Authority to buy Nelja Energia
2018, 06. June: Estonia: Vardar adviser says Eesti Energia offer was not highest
2018, 04. June: Estonian finmin: Minority holding in Enefit Green could be listed in 2019
2018, 01. June: Cryptocurrency mining started at Salme wind farm
2018, 30. May: Eesti Energia intends to participate in energy auctions in Lithuania
2018, 29. May: Eleon: Acquisition of Nelja Energia is monopolization of Estonian market by the state
2018, 29. May: Enefit sure that competition authority will not bar Nelja Energia acquisition
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