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Nelja Energia started energy production at its biggest wind farm

May 9, 2016 EWPA's blog - eteap

Silute wind farmThe renewable energy company Nelja Energia has begun energy production at its biggest wind farm in the Baltic States. The 60 MW Šilute wind farm is situated in the South-West of Lithuania and consists of 24 turbines each with a capacity of 2,5 MW. That makes 12 % of the total wind power capacity in Lithuania. Read more »

Estonian RES producers will be able to participate in EU Cooperative Mechanisms

March 17, 2016 EWPA's blog - eteap

RES - Estonia first moverThe Estonian Government decided to support proceeding with the changes in the Electricity Market Act, that able Estonia to participate in the renewable energy cooperation mechanisms with those EU Member States, that cannot achieve their national renewable energy targets.  

Estonia is the first country in the European Union who has already fulfilled its overall renewable energy target and has significantly higher potential in renewable energy. Therefore, Estonia is interested in selling its surplus to those countries that for one reason or another have difficulties in the deployment of renewable energy. Read more »

Info Day for members

October 12, 2015 EWPA's blog - eteap

Capture uus infopaev 2015

Estonian Wind Power Association held an Info Day for its members in Tallinn on 3rd of November. The event was organized together with the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce. For more information please click here.


Tiny Country May Beat Virginia to the Wind Power Punch

September 28, 2015 EWPA's blog - Tuul

turbines_0This week, Dominion Virginia Power said it still hoped to build a couple of wind turbines off Virginia Beach.  The federal government has promised more than $50 million for planning and construction, but the utility could only find one company willing to build the demonstration project, and it wanted far more money than the firm was willing to pay. Dominion says it will seek a new round of bids early next year. Read more »

We Only Get One Planet – An American Experience with Wind Power

August 27, 2015 EWPA's blog - Tuul

UndeniableHow do you create jobs, drive the economy and also do the right thing by the environment? GE’s partners from the Estonian Wind Power Cluster recently visited the United States, exploring how the country is going to increase wind energy production, and examined the type of opportunities it might create for European businesses. They shared with us their views on US energy policy, a part of which is the Clean Power Plan, just launched by US President Barack Obama and the US Environmental Protection Agency.
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Estonia Sets Wind Power Production Record

August 4, 2015 EWPA's blog - Tuul

green-energy1Strong and steady winds in the first half of 2015 led to a record production of wind energy. There was 385 GWh of wind energy produced in Estonia during the first six months, which is 40% more than in 2014 at the same time. Read more »

In Estonia the Global Wind Day turned into a week with a real wind turbine built

June 22, 2015 EWPA's blog - eteap

From the left: Hannu Lamp (Initiator of the Ruhnu Energy Cooperative), Tuuliki Kasonen (General Manager of the Estonian Wind Power Association and Cluster), Peep Siitam (Head of the Energy and Green Economy Division of the Development Fund, also board member os the Estonian Wind Power Association)

The most distant island of Estonia is called Ruhnu where less than 60 habitants live all year round. The island does not have electricity grid connected to the mainland and relies on expensive diesel generation. Mainly for that reason but also thanks to good wind the Estonian Wind Power Cluster – a consortium working under the Estonian Wind Power Association decided to gather over 20 people and give its effort on making the island more green.


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Today is Global Wind Day!

June 15, 2015 EWPA's blog - Tuul


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