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Estonian Wind Power Association: the draft of Electricity Market Act (318SE) is a legal spoilage!

February 10, 2015 EWPA's blog - Tuul

Martin Kruus Läti konverentsil 2012The Economic Affairs Committee of Riigikogu has sent to the second reading a modified draft of the Electricity Market Act, which is on the opinion of Estonian Wind Power Association a legal spoilage due to inconsistency with the Constitution, Memorandum of Mutual Understanding made renewable energy producers as well as with the State Aid authorisation. We find that the draft can not be adopted and sent such an appeal to all Members of the Riigikogu.
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In 2014 wind turbines produced a little over 6% of total consumption

February 6, 2015 EWPA's blog - Tuul

In 2014, wind turbines produced 576,0 GWh electicity, which is just over 6% of country’s total consumption, according to EleringThe output of wind energy grew 9 percent year on year. The ceiling of subsidized wind energy set out in the Electricity Market Act, 600 GWh per calendar year, was however not achieved in 2014.

Foto: Kaupo Kalda, "Dramaatiline Pakri poolsaar ja tuulepark"

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Offshore wind installations stabilise in 2014 following record figures the previous year

February 4, 2015 EWPA's blog - Tuul

EWEA Offshore Statistics 2014The European offshore wind industry saw new capacity installations decline by 84 MW (5.34%) in 2014 as the sector stabilised following record figures the previous year. In 2014, 408 new offshore turbines were fully grid connected, adding 1,483 MW to the European system. An average 5,9MW offshore wind capacity in a day was installed last year.

Seven facts from EWEA 2014 European Offshore Wind Industry report:

1.      The total installed capacity for Europe now stands at 8,045MW – 74 offshore wind farms in 11 European countries. Read more »

December 18, 2014 EWPA's blog - Tuul

Holiday wishes

Renewable energy support period ended for 4ENERGIA`s first wind turbines

October 15, 2014 EWPA's blog - Tuul

Virtsu I tuuleparkEstonia’s first wind farm, Virtsu 1, reached the end of its 12 year renewable energy support period this month. The Virtsu I wind turbines still continue to produce energy, but do it without renewable energy support paid by consumers.

According to Mr. Martin Kruus, the Chairman of the Board of Nelja Energia AS, renewable energy support for its company’s wind farms will end in succession. Read more »

Estonian Wind Power Cluster: Estonia started exporting small scale wind turbines

August 13, 2014 EWPA's blog - Tuul

Konesko SoomesIn the beginning of August this year the first small scale wind turbine produced in Estonia was installed in Finland. According to the Estonian Wind Power Cluster, this is an important milestone for the Estonian wind energy industry as it has become a country exporting wind turbines.

A 30 meter high and hydraulically lowered 20 kW Tuge 20 wind turbine now located close to Turu city is entirely produced in Estonia by Konesko AS. Read more »

EWEA: Europe’s installed wind capacity will increase 64% by the end of the decade

July 28, 2014 EWPA's blog - eteap

EWEA scenarios 2020Wind turbine installations in the European Union will increase 64% by 2020 compared to 2013 levels, according to data compiled by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).  

For Estonia, EWEA predicts that the current wind energy capacity of nearly 300 MW will grow up to between 550 and 1000 MW, according to the low and high scenario. Read more »

Wind turbine turned into art in Estonia for Global Wind Day

June 17, 2014 EWPA's blog - Tuul

Viru-Nigula kunstEstonian Wind Power Association turned one of country’s wind turbines into art for this year’s Global Wind Day. The idea to decorate the turbine with dandelions was selected among 46 brilliant ideas sent for the competition “Art on Wind Turbine”.

The artwork was painted on one of the tower’s in Viru-Nigula wind farm in the East of Estonia and is well seen by people driving pass the wind farm on Narva highway. The dandelions ready to let fly their seeds are symbolizing the flow of energy and wind. Read more »

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