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EU wind industry faces tough challenge – and politicians should not make it worse

February 7, 2013 EWPA's blog - etea

Arthouros Zervos © EWEA

The wind industry is being hit by the economic crisis and austerity across Europe, and a difficult situation should not be made worse by politicians undermining investor confidence, warned top industry figures this week in Vienna. Read more »

Estonian Renewable Energy Association: Estonian parliament in the process of imposing retroactive reductions in renewables support scheme

February 5, 2013 EWPA's blog - etea

On 31 January, in a vote over renewable energy support measures in the Economic Affairs committee of the Parliament of the Republic of Estonia (Riigikogu), committee adopted measures which would retroactively reduce renewable energy support. Existing producers of renewable energy are expected to incur losses of approximately 40-43 million euros as a direct result of the decision in the Parliament. Read more »

EU offshore wind energy sector posts solid 2012

January 29, 2013 EWPA's blog - etea

Europe installed and grid connected 293 offshore wind turbines in 2012 – more than one per working day, announced the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). This brings the total to 1,662 turbines, in 55 offshore wind farms in ten European countries. Read more »

Offshore wind farms benefit sealife, says study

December 13, 2012 EWPA's blog - etea

EWEA Blog, Zoë Casey

Offshore wind farms can create a host of benefits for the local marine environment, as well as combatting climate change, a new study by the Marine Institute at Plymouth University has found. Read more »

Wind turbines make fashion waves

October 11, 2012 EWPA's blog - etea

EWEA Blog, Zoë Casey

That’s not a title you have been expecting is it? But this month, as models graced the catwalk at the Paris fashion week, wind turbines did exactly that. 

Karl Lagerfeld sent out model’s clad in Chanel’s spring-summer collection on a solar-panelled catwalk dotted with a dozen towering, white, swishing wind turbines. Not only that but throughout the collection there were hints of renewable energy: a disc-shaped hat with a giant transparent rim that recalls a spinning turbine, a mini-dress embroidered in a blue solar panel-like pattern and a t-shirt festooned with sketches of turbines.  Read more »

The Government plans to initiate Marine Spatial Planning

October 4, 2012 EWPA's blog - etea

The Estonian Government plans to initiate Marine Spatial Planning in pilot sea areas that border with Pärnu and Hiiu County. These areas also overlap partly with the zones of Estonia’s two big offshore wind farm projects. The preparation of planning and strategic environmental assessment will be delegated to the governors of both counties and it should be ready latest by 31.12.2016.

Read more »

The National Audit Office: The price of electricity forms in the market based on marginal costs

October 3, 2012 EWPA's blog - etea

Elektritootmisallikate kasutamise järjekord Põhjamaade elektribörsil. Allikas: Riigikontroll, NordPoolThe review of the National Audit Office about the options for electricity production came out the same week as the topic of increasing electricity prices in the opening electricity market captured Estonia. These issues are however quite related to each other because the first producers who get to sell their electricity in an open market are the ones who have the lowest marginal costs. But in Estonia 85% of the electricity is still produced from oil shale whose marginal costs will never be able to compete with hydro and wind power where there are no fuel, waste and pollution costs. Therefore the report found that construction of new oil shale power plants with state support does not ensure Estonia’s security of supply nor an affordable electricity price for consumers in the open energy market. Read more »

Estonians consider wind power as the best energy source

August 6, 2012 EWPA's blog - etea

According to a survey by Estonian Ministry of the Environment, people in Estonia consider wind power and biomass as the best energy sources from both economic and environmental aspect but also from energy security perspective. 95% of the respondents considered wind power and 81% biomass as the most environmentally friendly way to produce energy.

The majority of the respondents found that the most important aspect in generating energy is the environmental friendliness, followed by features like low cost and independence.

Read more »

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