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Wind Energy in Estonia

  • As of 31.12.2013 there are 130 wind turbines installed in Estonia with a total capacity of 285,9 MW. You can find a table with a total installed capacity here.
  • Two wind parks were completed in 2013 with total capacity of 10,5 MW (Ojaküla wind park in Lääne-Virumaa county – 6,9 MW; Nasva II wind turbine in Saaremaa county – 3,6 MW). You can find a table with existing wind turbines and farms in Estonia here.
  • In 2013 the wind turbines produced 515 GWh energy according to our data, 76% of produced energy got renewable energy support.
  • Currently three wind farms are under construction – Tamba (6 MW) and Mäli wind farm (12 MW) in Pärnu county and Eleon’s wind turbine (3 MW) in Saaremaa, Sõrve peninsula.
  • In 2012 wind energy production received support of 14.1 million euros, representing 22,5% of the total amount of renewable energy support paid by the consumers.
  • 15 small wind turbines were added to Elektrilevi (main distribution grid operator) grid in year 2013 with a total capacity of 150,6 kW. Most of them were wind turbines with total capacity of 10 kilowatts.  Small wind turbines (up to 11 kW) gave 33 MWh electricity to Elektrilevi grid.


Wind power capacity built in Estonia (MW):