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Wind Power Development Projects owning the Grid Connection Contract

NoOnshore Wind Farm projectCapacity (MW)DeveloperCapacity of the connection, MW (Elering AS)Date of conclusion of the connection contractConnection point readyComments
1Esivere II etapp3Skinest Energia AS13,615.08.2003YesDetail plan was annulled by the Supreme Court of Estonia
2Päite-Vaivina75Est-Wind Power OÜ7525.04.2004NoBuilding permits issued for 31 turbines which have been challenged in the court.
3Varja150Raisner OÜ15015.02.2006No26 turbines have a detailed plan, Defence Ministry not approving.
6Purtse40Raunistal AS4818.01.2008YesBuilding permit issued to 5 turbines, now outdated; Conditional building permits issued to 8 wind turbines, Defence Ministry not approving.
7Vaivara (Balti EJ)81Vaivara Wind AS8119.01.2008YesThe Comprehensive Plan foresees areas for wind park. Defence Ministry not approving.
8Sindi (Sauga)150Eurowind OÜ5027.10.2008NoIn Pärnu County's Wind Energy Thematic Plan the area is not suitable for wind farms.
9Vaivara (Auvere)
(Eesti TEJ)
255Roheline Elekter AS50012.12.2011YesBuilding permits issued for 255MW, which is challenged in court by the Ministry of Defence.
10Sirgala (Eesti TEJ)500Roheline Elekter AS50012.12.2011YesThe detailed plan was initiated but it did not pass the approval phase of the authorities.
11Aidu (Püssi)100Kindel Vara OÜ10016.09.2010YesBuilding permits issued for 33 wind turbines.
11Tootsi150Eesti Energia13830.12.2016NoThe government annulled its decision to allocate land to the developer and plans to hold an auction for the land.

Offshore wind projects

NoOffshore Wind Park projectCapacity (MW)DeveloperInformation
1Loode-Eesti700Nelja Energia ASInfo
2Liivi laht600Eesti Energia ASInfo

Note: Table is based on the information publicly available (incl the home page of Elering – the Estonian TSO) in May 2017.

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